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Read Blindly works by anonymising your name and email address as well as redacting mentions of gender, nationality, languages, and places from your email. The redacted email is forwarded along to the hiring company along with a copy of the original, including any attachments. All your formatting is preserved.

Subject: Support Technician
From: Lesia Blick <>

Hey there,

My name is Lesia and I'd like to introduce myself to you.

I am originally from New Zealand and moved to Australia last year with my long-term Australian partner.

I have over 10+ years experience in the customer service and technical field. I've worked for some of the most well known technology companies providing high level customer service and technical support in both a busy call centre environment and a dynamic face to face retail environment.



We deeply respect your privacy. When you send an email to a prospective company we redact it, forward it along, and incinerate it after 7 days. We don't embed spy pixels, hijack links, or do tracking of any kind. We use encryption in-flight (When your mail server supports it) and at rest, but not end-to-end. We charge the hiring company a fee for service so we are not incentivised to monetise your data.

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